Generic Plans

Traffic managemenet plans by Traffic palns WAGENERIC TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN FIELD GUIDES

MRWA Code of Practice for Works on Roads advises that it is now mandatory that all work sites (regardless of how minor) are required to have a Traffic Management Plan on site for every job.

(Refer MRWA CoP. Item: 5.2 Traffic Mgt Plans,  5.2.1 General)

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 Traffic Management Plan Services have put together two booklets of Generic Plans which cover the everyday short term, low impact works carried out on a regular basis on or near roads, plus a second field guide for high speed country type roads. 

Booklets shown are samples only, and are not the actual TCDs provided.


A cover sheet advises the user of the types of roads covered by the generic plans in the folder. Where there is a specific problem area which requires traffic management and is unlikely to be covered by a Generic plan, we can also draw these up and include them in your “Field Guide” folder.





Selection matrix Generic traffic Management plans
A road selection ‘Matrix’ makes it easy to find the right road type and subsequent traffic control diagram for the sort of works you need to carry out.






 Some “Traffic Control Diagrams”  [TCD] are very simple for everyday simple jobs. 






Other situations may be a bit more complex and management will then make a decision wether or not to hire to outside help, or carry on with your own trained staff.






Other TCD are used to reduce risks such as hills, corners, etc.  These TCDs are used to manage the problem area, and then a separate TCD is selected for the type of works to be carried out that that location.






All TCDs are laminated for ‘all weather’ use, stored in a A5 Glove Box sized Ring Binder folder so that more drawings can be added later, if required. 

The TCD’s for high speed roads (from 70k to 110k) are a separate set of Generic plans.



Traffic Management Plan Services [TMPS] will tailor-make a specific set of TCDs to suit your works.

Each TCD is MRWA CoP compliant, signed off by an accredited traffic planner and your Company or Shire logo is inserted on each page.

Where there are areas that the Generic plans don’t cover (as these sites may be unique to your area or situation) we will prepare “Site Specific” Generic plans that can be inserted into your folder.

Traffic Management Plan Services will also advise you should the standards change in the future, and provide an update service at a discounted rate for existing customers.

We also have an advisory service should you have any questions, and will also produce site specific plans for major projects when needed.