Mines – Ports & Special Projects

Mine site roads are managed under the same standards as public roads. Haul roads may have restricted access for selected vehicle types (ME & LV Interaction), one way traffic and radio call-up points. These can all be plotted so that everyone on site has a copy of the plan. This can then form part of the induction and training programs.

Sea Terminals/Harbours and Airports have numerous contractors and visitors accessing the facility whereby truck movements and turning radius’s need to be plotted to ensure all movements and interactions can be safely managed.   Nominated storage and lay-down areas along with site restrictions need to be posted in clear view in   order to ensure compliance. Breck has a current MSIC card, PPE compliant and is generally ready to go on site at short notice.

Regardless of the project call TMPS and if we can’t help we can probably advise you who can.