Project Management

Due to a wide range of commitments, TMPS does not get involved in long term projects. We do however manage short term projects of up to a few weeks where traffic management is involved.

We can prepare and get approval for the traffic plans, organise the installation of traffic management on site through a competent and competitive traffic management company, schedule the sub-contractors, materials and time lines for completion etc.

The type of works we generally manage is (but not limited to) the following…………


Removal of existing road markings (grinding / sandblasting) including longitudinal white lines


Installation of new road markings, including tactile paving


Placement of either temporary or permanent reflective delineators. (RRPM’s ) Cats Eyes.


Barriers such as guard rail or wire rope barrier systems for permanent installation


Design and installation of temporary barriers for road works (Tric Bloc – Triton etc.)


Sign design and installation for depots, truck yards and port facilities etc.


Traffic plans and permanent signs for blasting (shot firing) operations near roads.