Terms & Conditions

Traffic Management Plan Services contracts its services out at an hourly rate  plus GST
Rates will be advised in writing on request, based on the services required.

Any other directly related costs such as travel expenses- flights, car rental, meals or accommodation, printing and distribution of documents are invoiced at cost plus 10%.

Should the approval authority require the traffic Management Plan to be audited by a third party or a road traffic manager (RTM) then all costs associated with the required audit will be invoiced at the amount invoiced by the independent auditor.

All invoices are due for settlement fourteen (14) days from date of invoice, or as otherwise agreed prior to the issuing of a purchase order – 30 day accounts may be arranged for regular corporate customers. All terms to be confirmed in writing on the purchase order.

Purchase orders with settlement terms that differ from those of Traffic management Plans Services must be advised to TMPS at the time of requesting work and / or the issuing of the purchase order or site instruction, prior to any works commencing. Once a purchase order has been issued, it is accepted that you are in agreement with these terms and conditions, whether independently acknowledged or not.

Due to the way our system has been developed no works can be started until a purchase order has been received, as your order forms part of our file creation system within the  project database.