Site Specific Roadworks


Works On Roads

Any works that will disrupt traffic will require a plan to show how you intend to manage the traffic. All plans must comply with the AS1742:3 2009 and the MRWA Code of Practice for Works onRroads.
We will prepare the plans for your new project and gain the approvals from the relevant road authority.

Works Near Roads

Any works within 6 meters of the roadway may still require a Traffic Management Plan.
We can advise if a plan is required or not, and if it is required, to what extent.


All plans are drawn in autocad and kept simple and easy to read. (Plans can be delivered in other formats if emailed)
Plans are printed off in black and white to ensure no detail is lost if faxed or copied. This also reduces the risk of not being understood.
Plans are generally not to scale unless required for plotting vehicle turning radius’, etc. However they are drawn ”generally to proportion” , and are site specific.

Site Visits:

Please note that all plans require a site visit prior to preparation, with the exception of GENERIC plans.