Breck Abbotts is a Cert IV trainer with over 10 years’ experience in developing training courses to the National Standards and for specific industry needs.
Breck has trained over  10,000 people both on a ”one to one” basis and in large groups of up to 140 people, although groups of 10 to 30 people are more common.

Nationally Recognised Training Courses

These courses which include traffic management at all levels from BWTM to AWTM, the  safety awareness  training (White Card), manual handling, chainsaws and risk management are all carried out through Kelyn Training Services (KTS).
KTS is a registered Training Organisation (RTO) and can be contacted directly by logging onto their website at

Breck from TMPS, contracts as a trainer exclusively to Kelyn Training Services for all Nationally recognised courses.

 Site Specific Training Program and Short Courses

Where site specific (in house) training may be required, we can ether develop and deliver the course, or develop and then train your staff to deliver as needed.


 Mines and / or Remote Worksite Inductions

Site inductions can be scheduled to tie in with other courses that the participant may need to attend prior to leaving Perth. We can develop the induction alongside the client, and prepare a ‘Power Point’ presentation for delivery either on site or in Perth.

Other Requirements

Should you have any other training requirements that are not listed above please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to direct you to an organisation that can assist you.